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Types of Services

Translation & Proofreading

I deliver fit-for-purpose translations of texts within my primary areas of expertise -and some. Once I have received a file for translation, the next step is to gather the relevant information and carry out a terminology search to ensure the provision of the most accurate, broadly-understood, context-fitting translations possible in every assignment. Finally, I thoroughly proofread my work for any final tweaks and it is ready to go.


From in-booth interpreting in conferences to chaperoning business associates visiting from abroad or assisting at a medical appointment; making verbal communication possible between the parties is my primary goal. Thanks to an excellent command of my working languages -and a good deal of note-taking-, the message always comes across.


Having completed a Postgraduate course in Subtitling, I can provide start-to-finish subtitling services for your marketing campaigns or video presentations. There are three steps to it: transcribing, time-coding and, of course, inserting the translated text. I strive to create to-the-point subtitles that read easily while carrying the same meaning -and emotion- in the target language.

Website localisation

Localisation -or the process of adapting a product to a specific country or region- refers to the translation of media content such as websites, mobile applications, and games to suit a target market or audience. I specialise in website localisation for small and medium businesses, making their sites work in the target language while preserving the company’s feel and look.