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Certified Translations

I have been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation as a Sworn Translator for official documents. Certified translations bear a signature and a stamp and can be produced before embassies, courthouses, government bodies, etc.

Legal & Business

I work with companies globally in the translation of their legal documents -articles of association, contracts, tenders, employee handbooks, the list goes on and on- as well as their HR systems, employee development training material, internal communications, and more.

Tourism & Travel

With a wide experience working for hotel room wholesalers, national tourism boards and travel magazines, I deliver sharp and fresh translations of everything from hotel rooms, main attractions and hot spots to folklore, architecture, history and cuisine.

Life & Environmental Sciences

I cooperate with University researchers in the translation of their papers to be published in a range of scientific journals. The effects of global warming on fish populations, invasive species, types of fuels, and forest fires are some of the topics for discussion.