Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Maria Brito, I’m a born-and-bred Spaniard and a translator and interpreter living and working in the UK. In this section, I will be sharing some of my thoughts about all things language. But first, I’d like to introduce myself properly.

Growing up I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to help people, but I was always inevitably drawn to languages -my English and French homework always took priority over any other and I would spend hours in my bedroom reading foreign language books out loud to my parents’ bemusement. Then, when I was 17 and looking into medical degrees, I came across something I never knew existed: you could study to become a Translator & Interpreter -what on Earth was an interpreter, I wondered. Only half-knowingly, I set on a path that changed it all. I learned everything from the history and theory of translation to approaching texts analytically, thinking about the target reader and the difference in style when translating a scientific or a legal text, I even learned what an interpreter was and became one!

Still, I never imagined that years later I would be moving to England for work and loving it so much -with the occasional moan about the weather- I decided to make it my home. And here I am, for seven years now -and counting- I have been putting into practice everything I was taught and learning so much about this profession -dare I say craft- every day. I set up my own little business which makes me so proud and happy and, best of all, I feel that what I do helps others achieve their goals, be it marry the love of their life who happens to be Spanish, expand their business or put their mark out there in the world. And I hope to do it for many more years.

Thanks for reading, hasta la próxima!


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